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KENSIRA HOMES is a different real estate company on the Costa del Sol because we provide extra service to clients.
We know that a skilled and real estate agent makes a big difference here in Spain and this is where we can compete in the market.

Kensira Homes is a trusted real estate company in Spain that helps you find your dream home in Southern Spain at cheap rates.

Here are the very best new constructions and housing projects / of-plan projects that are for sale on the Costa del Sol. Modern and elegant properties in an unbeatable location. The perfect choice for you who are looking for quality and good location. New homes in southern Spain are a real and good long-term investment on the Costa del Sol.

Kensira Homes offers and specializes in the latest homes and we can guide you in terms of location and quality. Our team is here to offer you the best projects with luxury life and with fantastic investment potential.

Property development on the Costa del Sol (also called Europe’s Florida) is in a rapid development and it is now time to buy housing and the investment will definitely pay off. Here is the opportunity for the dream of a sanctuary to be reconciled with quality and in a relaxed atmosphere from the busy everyday life.

We work with the good and skilled and not least verified property developers / contractors most often in large joint stock companies on the Costa del Sol.

We can help you find the perfect accommodation on the entire Costa del sol from Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, Estepona and Sotogrande.
Kensira Homes acknowledges that it is a big decision to buy a home in another country and that the decision must therefore be made on a solid basis and with good advice.

We specialize in finding housing for Danes on the Costa del Sol.
Call for a no-obligation conversation or send us an email and we will do our best to find it for you.

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General information

Find the right home at Kensira Homes – we are happy to help

Whatever you are looking for we can help – we have access to all homes and it is more than 25,000 resale homes along the coast that are for sale. A great place to visit and be is the Costa del Sol.

When buying a home, Kensira Homes offers the newest and best-selling properties on the Costa Del Sol. Browse our unique portfolio of luxury villas, spacious houses and apartments in top locations on the Costa del Sol.

Where would you like to be on the Sun Coast?
It is important first of all to find out which area you prefer.

What type of housing is good for you?
New homes / project construction are homes that have become very popular among Scandinavians, partly because the style is Nordic, minimalist and state-of-the-art. New construction is high quality and modern design, large windows for natural light, relatively large rooms and good terraces. There will also be state-of-the-art kitchen furniture, as well as bathrooms. Most often there are delicious swimming pools and outdoor areas. Usually there is also a private parking space and a basement room.

Resale homes have always been popular with Danes. Here you have the opportunity to make your own mark on the home.

You will find a selection of the finest properties for sale in the most popular locations from Malaga to Gibraltar.

Good investment on the Sun Coast
Prices are currently low on the Costa del Sol compared to the countries around Spain.
A price increase is expected during 2021 and 2022 by at least 25% compared to today’s prices.

New homes / new constructions / project sales Costa del Sol

Off-plan constructions also called project sales are construction projects that are under construction. This usually means that you can reserve a home with a really good location, pay a deposit and along the way follow the construction and when the construction is finished, pay the last amount and get the keys handed over.

Here it is possible to choose materials inside the apartment such as: tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Should there be heat in the floors and which tile should be in the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and on the terrace.

We work directly with the contractors on new housing projects / Of plan on the Costa del Sol.

This means we have full access to rates, payment plans, floor plans and the best areas to live in sunny Spain.

Newly built homes and project sales are built to high standards with 24/7 security scheme. There will usually always be common areas that can contain; swimming pool, garden, gym, sauna, spa and in some places there are also common rooms for social gatherings.
Energy savings when buying new homes on the Costa del Sol.

A new law has been introduced in Spain, which means that all new construction must have a minimum saving of 30% in CO 2 emissions. This means that in new housing projects there is insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling, just as there are much better double-glazed windows in the homes, and that there are recycling systems for heating / air conditioning.
Buy project sales with a specialist on the Costa del Sol at Kensira Homes.

Resale homes

If you are more into a house or apartment with a more original Andalusian style, we can also help you with that.

By resale is meant that there is an owner who sells his home. Here you buy the home as often occupied with furniture / furniture. Here we can suggest getting a knowledgeable carpenter or housing expert to review the home before buying. Kensira Homes has many good partners and can refer to Danes living on the Costa del Sol. We help find the right home, whether it is new, resale or forced sale.

It is still possible to buy cheap homes on the Costa del Sol – it just takes a little extra time to find them.

Lawyer and Notary

During the process, you will be advised in relation to the homes that you inspect. We help to get the papers in place at Notary.

Purchase cost of buying a home on the Costa del Sol

The government of Andalusia has adopted and approved a reduction in the property transfer tax. (ITP). The three rates currently set at 8, 9 and 10% have now been replaced by a rate of 7% until 31 December 2021.

There are costs for buying property in Spain and here is a golden rule that between 11 and 13% must be added to the purchase price – costs for lawyer and notary including registration and VAT.

Where can I take out a loan?

It is possible to borrow for housing in Spain in several different banks in Denmark, for example: Nykredit, Nordea, Danske Bank, Jydske Bank, etc.

For loans in Spain, the same documents are required to be able to take out a loan. The loan must be repaid by the 70th anniversary of one’s life.

The buying process

1. You / I must first and foremost provide contact details on the real estate agent or seller as well as the property’s location, size, purchase price, takeover date and other details that should be agreed with the seller or the real estate agent.

2. Regarding property purchases with furniture, an inventory list is prepared which must be signed by the seller and buyer, this ensures a mutual agreement on what is included and not included. If necessary, also use a carpenter / mason to inspect the property for major damage. It is always a pity with surprises when buying a home.

3. The law firm does not go out and inspect the property, but is solely responsible for the legal part of the transaction.

4. The lawyer will draw up a purchase contract and a power of attorney, the following information must be used full name, address, position, marital status and whether one has joint ownership or separate ownership as well as a copy of Passport, as well as for married couples each person’s first names (this must be used for NIE number application). This is usually something the lawyer can help with.

5. Everyone who wants to buy a home in Spain must have an NIE number (identification number). This corresponds to a Danish CPR number. All persons who must be on the lap must have an NIE number. You can apply for NIE at the Spanish Embassy in Østerbro in Copenhagen.

6. The NIE number must be further registered with the Agencia Tributaria (Spanish Tax Office. This must be done in person or by proxy. This is usually something the lawyer helps with.

7. With the above information, a reservation contract is drawn up on the property, which means that it is taken off the market. Here you usually have to pay between 3,000 – 10,000 euros, depending on the price of the property, etc.

8. The lawyer has a duty to review the property’s documentation, to ensure ownership, outstanding, resident permit and owners’ association in the property, etc.

9. When the lawyer has finished examining the property, you can draw up a purchase contract where approx. 10% of the purchase price less the paid booking amount. This is usually signed within 10 – 15 days from the reservation contract. The purchase contract states the last day of the deed date, attached any inventory list, and other agreement details that may need to be performed before the deed signature.

10. The balance in the cost statement must normally be on the lawyer’s client account min. 5 working days before the actual the deed signature, as one must have time for the bank to issue a certificate stating that the money has come legally to the country and to be prepared div. bank checks for the actual deed signing.
At the final Notary meeting, the deed is signed. The balance is paid to the seller and the buyer receives the keys to the property.

11. After this, the deed must be registered and taxes must be paid, etc. It can usually take up to 3-4 months before the property is registered.

12. Furthermore, the supply contracts must be transferred and the ownership of the authorities changed, etc. For this purpose, a Spanish bank account must be used for payment services of the various supply contracts. This is usually something the lawyer helps with.

Good to know

A) Regarding insurance, you must take out contents insurance on the property yourself. This is usually something the lawyer helps with.

B) Bought as occupied: In Spain, the property is purchased as occupied. Possibly. repairs or changes must take place before the takeover or be included in the purchase contract. It can be very difficult to advertise after the takeover. Costs for a condition report are at the buyer’s expense.

C) When a home is taken over, the supply contracts must be transferred. In older homes, electricity, water and possibly the gas company demand that the installations are updated in accordance with current legislation, ie. that a “Boletin” must be made before the transfer can take place, the costs for this are usually paid by the buyer. This is usually something the lawyer helps with.

D) In the case of new construction, it can take up to 15 days before you can expect water and electricity connected to the property. This is usually something the lawyer helps with.

E) Regarding Spanish property tax (IBI) in older homes, the lawyer usually applies for a change of ownership and that it is deducted from the payment service. However, it is IMPORTANT to keep an eye on whether it is automatically withdrawn from the bank.

F) When you do not live permanently in Spain, you must pay a “Non-resident tax also called model 210” which is a tax you are required to pay here in Spain as a non-resident, a kind of tax return, which you must present every year, usually the lawyer can offer to draft this annually.

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